The year 2020 brought unprecedented crises.

First, a global and deadly pandemic swept our country from coast to coast.  It continues to cost Americans their lives, as well as their livelihoods, with over 40 million Americans unemployed in a devastated economy.  And the video of a Black American dying at the hands of law enforcement, coupled with other killings, reignited festering issues with official misconduct.

Long-standing laws and policies have exacerbated each of these crises. It’s time to reset. It’s time to upend the status quo and make 2021 a year of recovery.

The Institute for Justice wants to help state and local lawmakers.

Based on decades of experience and research, we want to work with you to identify what will work for your state or city, and draft tailored, impactful, and responsive legislation, to:

Create Economic Opportunity

We will help you reduce barriers to work in your jurisdiction that are making it difficult or impossible for people to find new jobs or for small businesses to stay afloat.  We can help both state and local lawmakers.

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Increase Availability of Healthcare

We have done the research and can tell you if your state has laws on the books that are restricting the ability of medical practitioners to provide much-needed care.

Instill Accountability in Government

We can help you eliminate policies that allow law enforcement and other government officials to act with impunity, which undermine the proper role of the police and lead to tragic misconduct.

We have researched and identified high-impact and practical legislative solutions at the state and local level that may help your jurisdiction recover from 2020.  They are previewed on this website, but this site is not exhaustive.  Our work is based on nearly 30 years of experience in courtrooms, state houses, city councils, and at the grassroots.

We are offering a service.  We are lawyers and advocates with years of experience and expertise, and now stand ready to tailor solutions for you and your state or city with fresh eyes focused on 2021.

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