COVID-19 demands that states do everything in their power to create more care, not less.  States need to eliminate outdated laws that restrict the provision and availability of healthcare. In the best of times, these laws raise the cost of healthcare, prevent medical providers from helping underserved communities, and only protect entrenched interests from competition. But during a pandemic, these laws can be especially deadly.

While many states have issued emergency orders that waive these laws during COVID-19, these changes should be made permanent. Other states have yet to act.

We have prioritized three reforms that increase the availability of healthcare. You can learn more about each of these reforms by clicking below.

Certificates of Need

“Certificate of Need” laws require medical providers to ask permission from the government before they start a business or offer new services. Worse, competitors often have complete veto power over this permission.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are nurses with advanced degrees who can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicine. But some states still require nurse practitioners to enter costly and burdensome supervision agreements with physicians before they can work.


It has become very common for patients to visit with medical providers by video and phone. But many states still restrict when and how patients can access telehealth.

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