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COVID-19 devastated our economy. Whether it’s laid-off workers or small businesses struggling to survive, we want to help you create job opportunities in your state.

There are countless regulations that make it difficult, if not impossible, for many to grasp the first rung of the economic ladder—even in jobs that are safe and don’t warrant intensive regulation.  This can also make it challenging for employers to find qualified employees.  Today, there are many displaced workers that need to start fresh in a new occupation, who also face these barriers and don’t have the ability to navigate them.  Others may be interested in striking out on their own by starting a home-based business to offer services or homemade food—but face restrictions, red tape, and sometimes prohibitions at every turn.

Please explore the opportunities we have identified below that states can pursue to create accessible jobs and help small businesses survive this challenging time.  Then please contact us to discuss tailored policy solutions that can address these issues in your state.  We want to help you identify what makes sense for your state.

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