2021 Initiative

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Not a lawmaker? Here is how you can help!

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Initiative!  Grassroots activists can change the world, and IJ’s activism team has worked with thousands of activists and hundreds of communities nationwide. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Share this website with your local and state lawmakers. State lawmakers can navigate to their areas of interest from the homepage, and local lawmakers can begin here.
  • Share stories with IJ of medical workers on the front lines and patients who have benefited. COVID-19 demands that states do everything in their power to create more care, not less.  It’s important to share the stories of medical care enabled by recent regulatory rollbacks, and the patients who have benefited, to make the case that these reforms should be made permanent.
    • Do you know a nurse practitioner who has been battling the pandemic on the front lines?
    • Have you or a friend or family member benefited from telehealth?

We want to hear these stories!  We will not share them on this website without your express permission.  Please fill out the form below.

  • Share stories with IJ of small business owners who have benefited from regulatory rollbacks. Many cities and states have rolled back laws and regulations that have since made it easier for businesses to stay afloat, retain employees, and safely serve customers. Do you know of any small businesses who have benefited from these rollbacks?  Let us know!
  • Report bad laws and regulations to IJ that are hurting small business owners and recently displaced workers. Sadly, many laws will continue to persist that serve as roadblocks to economic opportunity.  But with your help, we can identify ways to change that!  Use the form below to alert us about laws on the books that are keeping small businesses down and the recently unemployed out of work.
  • Share this website on social media. (And while you’re there, you can give us a “like” on Facebook!)
  • Contact IJ!  If you want to help enact some of the reforms previewed on this website in your city or state, fill out the form below, and we will let you know if we are working with lawmakers in your jurisdiction.

Contact IJ.