2021 Initiative

Local Advocates

Advocate for entrepreneurs in your city

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to start the business of their dreams, no matter their income or zip code. Local advocates like you are working hard to remove barriers to entrepreneurship, and IJ wants to help!

How to get started:

  • Participate in our national study on business licensing. We’re working to develop best practices for making it cheaper, faster, and simpler to start a business and earn an honest living. We’d love to learn about the licensing and permitting process in your city. Please complete our survey or email Andrew Meleta at ameleta@ij.org.
  • Connect us with entrepreneurs in your community who can share their experiences navigating local laws and regulations. Their stories are a key part of humanizing the costs of barriers to starting a business.
  • Share this website with local lawmakers. We’re here to help leaders understand and enact specific reforms to cut red tape and bring relief to their cities.
  • Contact us through the form below for more information on these and other opportunities!
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